vidder_judge (vidder_judge) wrote,

It has Been A Hard Day

This is my first post in a long time that I don't have it seen by my Friends only. I thought the information would come in handy for those that can't read my journal otherwise.

I thought I would have time today to begin and continue updating my site but complications that I can't control changed that. I am trying to update the links and the look of the site. As you all know I updated my site with a new section for ER's Doug and Carol. I am most likely going to add a few more in the coming months and hopefully years. I intend to add the 80's show Beauty and The Beast to the already previously named ER, The X-Files and Farscape.

Round three of my award site is closed and Alex has begun to review and watch the videos, I have yet to sit down and start judging, I was out of a computer for 4 days so I am backed up on watching the videos and judging. So I don't really think I will have the winners up on the 25th.

I am still looking for new affiliates. If you would like to be one, please email me.


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